“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Process at Langmore House

Every suit we create is completely bespoke, however we do have a production process in place to ensure that everything runs on schedule and delivers to you on time..

Your first appointment will be taken by one of our expert fitting consultants, lasting around 45 minutes. Your consultant will find out more about your style and the occasion in question, before taking you through our selection of fabrics and finishes. After taking your measurements, they’ll then discuss important design details such as collar options, linings, buttons and any other design features you may have in mind.


Within four to six weeks, we’ll have the basted shell of your suit, ready for your second fitting. At this point we’ll discuss the fit and any specific tailoring requests, before we make the final round of adjustments. Depending on the amount of tailoring needed, your bespoke suit will be finished within six to eight weeks – ready for the boardroom, office or your special occasion.

Langmore House

Depending on the amount of tailoring your suit needs, we’ll have all the final alterations made and your bespoke suit will be ready for you to collect within 4-6 weeks.

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