Fashions fade, style is eternal.”Langmore House

A tailored suit that fits your unique physique and personality.

At Langmore House we have 40 years worth of English heritage with exceptional craftsmanship. Our Master tailors ensuring the very best of creations. “We don’t just tailor our suits to your body, we shape them to your personality. The result is a completely unique garment that’s effortlessly, enduringly stylish.” Langmore House

Every beautifully crafted element of a Langmore House suit reflects your personality, from your choice of British or Italian cloths to the clever design details that ensure your garment suits your lifestyle perfectly. We believe atrue style comes from dressing to your personality, so before we start the design process, we pair you with a master tailor who will spend time getting to know your character and what your bespoke garment needs to deliver to suit you.

Whether you’re searching for a suit that makes the perfect impression in the boardroom, takes you effortlessly from the office to the cocktail bar or turns heads on your wedding day, Langmore House offer over 40 years of English heritage craftsmanship.

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